Nigel Ball Photography

Nigel A Ball

Images that are out of this world.

Nigel A BallThe images used on this website are courtesy of photographer Nigel Ball. Nigel specialises in night and astronomy based imagery - and his pictures really are out of this world.

Nigel's interest in photography began in the 1970s using film (Ilford FP4) and then slide (Kodachrome 25 and 64). He now uses Nikon full frame cameras and pro grade Nikkor lenses to capture the night sky. Nightscape photography can involve travelling long distances at times, often in the middle of the night and it requires meticulous planning.

"I’ve always had a healthy - or some say unhealthy - interest in astronomy and in recent times I’ve had more disposable income, so I've returned to the hobby and, in particular, to astrophotography and nightscape photography," says Nigel. "I’ve always been interested in mathematics and science. I believe most of the natural world can be understood by these two disciplines. Astro and night photography allow me to combine my love of maths, science and real time software into one."

Nigel was elected as Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2013 for his services to astrophotography and public outreach work with his local astronomy society.

"From my first childhood visits during family holidays, Cranborne Chase made a huge impression on me. As a small boy in shorts I would chase butterflies with a net, but as I got older and began to study science my eyes turned skyward. It was the first place I saw the Milky Way and watched shooting stars. Cranborne Chase is a special place for me and I am honoured to be associated with the Dark Skies project," continued Nigel.

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